Capt-all offers a specially formulated amalgam filter to help dispose of potentially harmful mercury from metal fillings.

  • More effective method than ordinary amalgam separators
  • Safer and cleaner procedure for Dental Assistant
  • Keeps amalgam out of dental equipment, vacuum lines and secondary filters
  • Exceeds the ADA 95% collection guideline
  • Per Patient recycling allows more effective tracking and billing of the service
  • More economical system of amalgam capturing and recycling
  • Includes recycle service and shipping container.

In many countries there are legal protocols that must be followed when discarding amalgam from filters in the dental industry. However, the United States is not one of them, although many states and cities have taken their own legal action. Currently much of the amalgam from fillings is ultimately disposed of in waste water treatment plants and sewer systems, thereby contaminating the water and potentially, the environment. Capt-all provides an amalgam capture tip and disposal system that elevates amalgam from ever ending up in the environment.